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  • Injury Resolved sources Top Professionals

    First Round Pick's partnerships with top universities, academies and professional sports organizations enables 1st class experience for students.
  • FRP's Injury Resolved offers Experience based Curricula

    Injury Resolved's training model is focused on efficiency and therefore uses experience criteria to determine whether students enter the Black Course or Gold Course.
  • Washington HS added to Symposium Circuit

    The Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation (AFYF) have partnered with Northside Hospital to launch the NFL Foundation Certified Athletic Trainer Grant at Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta, Ga. Injury Resolved will supplement this operation with a 3 day symposium.
  • Students Get Hands On Experience

    Injury Resolved achieves balance in its programming with a hands on approach that teaches the students practical application of the techniques studied.
  • First Round Pick

    First Round Pick / Injury Resolved CEO, Michael Douglas, gets the nod to become the Grand Rapids Drive's first ever Head Athletic Trainer.

What we do?

Athletic Trainer Camps

Student based symposiums and camps to enhance youth introduction and knowledge of the growing sports medicine industry.


Volunteer and gain valuable experience working with Injury Resolved/First Round Pick. Work with industry professionals and increase your knowledge and network.

Athletic Trainer Outsourcing

We help BOC certified athletic trainers find other job and work opportunities.


Apply and become eligible for Injury Resolved and secondary school scholarships.

Recommend Students

Participate as a student athletic trainer in the Black or Gold Course and get recommended to secondary athletic training programs.

Athletic Training Education

Join our network and be privy to our compilation of athletic training videos, snippets and other digital information.

Are you an aspiring Athletic Trainer or Medical Professional? Join our team!



  • How do I join the next Injury Resolved event?

    Check our Schedule page for the latest on IR Events in your area.
  • I am a secondary student looking to gain experience. Do you offer internships that I can get credit for?

    Yes, we cooperate with many higher education institutions and provide internship opportunities on a regular basis.
  • My organization is looking for a good athletic trainer. Can we source one through First Round Pick/Injury Resolved?

    As an athletic training agency, we do source trainers for events and organizations that need certified and dependable service. Contact us for more info.
  • How can my child get a scholarship from Injury Resolved?

    We provide IR Event based scholarships as well as secondary school scholarships on a case by case basis. Check our Scholarships page for more info.

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